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During the last 30 years of working as professional photographer in delhi we have formed a firm belief to achieve some of the best photography results, the art has to be driven with passion.

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Indian Wedding is much more than dressing up in sparkling clothes, dancing to bhangra tunes, and savouring delectable food. It is the day when bride and groom vow to hold each other's hand, commits to new relation ships, accepts complete strangers, as the members of new family, and rediscovers themselves and each other in whole new avatar. On this day they are reborn. Such an important day deserves to be immortalized most authentically.

Each Indian Wedding exudes unique colors and and entails many beautifull 

moments, which go on to become a life long for those involved in the Ceremony. Being one of the best Indian Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR, we understand people and hence capture their emotions better than 

anyone else.

And, Ever since we have ventured into Pre Wedding & Candid Photography, We started enjoying our Indian Wedding Assignment even More. And to ensure a complete coverage & best results, we have hand picked some of the best and expert wedding photographer in Delhi NCR. We also have separate team for Destination Wedding Photography.

Hire Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR for Indian Weddings

We Ventured into Indian Wedding films & Wedding Films with the aim to make difference in the field. And we are glad to share that we are always able to deliever them with best results.

All of us like to flip through through the glossy pages of fashion magazines

such as Vogue, Elle & Marie Claire. They transport us to the world of Surreal

beauty, perfect skin & lustrous hairs, and well cut clothes.With the focus on showcasing clothe and accessories, top fashion photographers have made 

super models out of models and world brands out of brands. The best fashion photographer carves windows into this dream.

A good fashion Photographer can make different textures & use objects to add intrest to a normal or boring composition. To blend all of the together and to bring forth a photo shoot that addresses the exact requirement of client is the most gratifying experience.

In order to this type of photography, the fashion photographer has to have 

a good sense of lighting and composition. we have had an oppurtuinity to work with some of the top models and  brands. Weather you are a fashion model looking to get a fashion portfolio created or a fashion designer looking to showcase your work, you have reached the right place. With over 30 years of experience, we can assist you in shaping your career and business by prsenting you & your work in authentic, striking Light. 

Malik Studio is providing 

Wedding Photography services in Delhi NCR  since 1985. 

About us

Our mission is to provide our customers with satisfying results

and best photography services in Delhi NCR.

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